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Digital menu QR - with table number - table display light wood

Digital menu QR - with table number - table display light wood

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Contactless Menu / Digital Menu / Online Menu / QR Code Menu

With this variant, each QR-CODE is unique per table!
It is therefore possible to integrate self-ordering so that the order can be assigned directly to a table.

If you are interested in self-ordering, please contact us!* These menu displays are available in three versions: light wood, dark wood and black lacquer. An NFC & QR chip is integrated on both sides (material like that of a credit card).
The design will be created according to your wishes after purchase.

The guest has access to an overview page via their smartphone. There you can upload any number of menus, drinks or other content at any time.

You get access to your own dashboard and can keep everything up to date there. After the purchase, you will receive a questionnaire from us by e-mail.

There you upload your logo and select a desired color of the NFC / QR chip. For special requests please contact us.

Dashboard: You can easily hide, upload and change any content via our dashboard. No technical know-how is necessary.

There are only one-off costs for you. The use of the dashboard is permanently free of charge for you.

Attention: In order to use the dashboard, you must accept our terms and conditions. Delivery time: 2 to 12 weeks. Technical details: height 10cm, width 3cm, length 10cm. Weight: 120g

*The self-ordering module is not part of this offer. A monthly fee is charged when booking the self-ordering module.

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